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Betting software for business projects.

Our primary branch in development is software for commercial projects. If you are looking for software for your betting website, horse racing system, or just have a good idea of new betting software product for sale, we can design it for you. We do all the work from initial researches to testing. We've been designing software which successfully sells and helps our customers to attract more clients for their business. We've developed betting software for tipster services, racing systems and websites selling gambling products.

Tipster services software.

Tipster services provide daily or weekly selections to their customers via emails or members area. Usually these selections are used with specific betting system or staking plan. It can be progressive or level staking, might include loss recovery, stop loss, profit target and other parameters. Customers of such tipster services should place bets following the rules and advised selections.

If you are an owner of a tipping service or a betting system, Bet Suit Ltd. can design for you a software which will make it easy to calculate stakes, store results and progress of betting. Then you can sell this software with your service. Also we can develop fully automated betting bot which will place bets, so your subscribers will not have to be glued at screens. Moreover we can design a full-featured web based system, which includes autobot, account management system and website, your customers will not need to even open their laptops to place bets, system will manage their betting automatically running on it's own dedicated server.

Web-based bot

Web-based bot is entire system which runs on it's own dedicated server. The system includes website and the autobot. Members can access the bot signing into the website. They setup their banks, stakes and other preferences as well as see their betting progress. Once setup is done, members never need to do any control over bets or even switch their computers on because everything runs on it's own server automatically. Everything works following the rules of a tipster's betting scheme and tips which the tipster can enter in the admin area on the website. Tipster also has complete control over members, can see their betting progress and all bets placed by the bot. Moreover the web bot includes other features like mailing system and account management system.

With the web bot you can:

  • Fully automate your members betting, saving their time and avoiding mistakes of manual betting
  • Offer new subscription tariffs which include autobot
  • Attract more subscribers offering fully automated service in your marketing campaign
  • Automate your account management and daily tips emails
  • Be the one of privileged tipsters who offer fully automated service

Betting, trading, arbitraging software.

If you want to sell betting software, have a genuine idea, good market place, but don't have programming skills, our company will design software for you based on your specifications. Then you can sell it. We'll provide technical support and all needed upgrades. Betfair, Betdaq, iBetX, other betting exchanges and bookmaker websites are supported.

Please, contact us to discuss your requirements.